• Donnie Darko director wants to ‘expand this universe'

    1 month ago - By Dazed Digital

    It's been 20 years since a demonic, six-foot rabbit told Jake Gyllenhaal that the world was going to end, and it seems that time has actually come. In 2021, as we navigate a global pandemic, climate crisis, and global political unrest, it makes sense that Donnie Darko 's writer and director has teased his plans to return to the film's universe - ready for the impending apocalypse.
    In an interview with
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  • 'Donnie Darko' Director Richard Kelly Announces Plans To "Expand This Universe"

    'Donnie Darko' Director Richard Kelly Announces Plans To "Expand This Universe"

    1 month ago - By Hypebeast

    20 years after the film's release, director Richard Kelly has recently teased plans to bring back Donnie Darko. In a recent interview with NME , Kelly said that he has plans to return to the world of Donnie Darko. He specifically shared, "Hopefully we'll have something to show people soon that will really blow everybody's minds. I hope to expand this universe." The film, which was Jake Gyllenhaal 's breakout role, followed his character, a troubled high school student known to sleepwalk, navigate through life as his imaginary six-foot rabbit friend called Frank tells him that the world is...
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