• LIV: Soothing food for tough times

    5 days ago - By Flux Magazine

    Golds, blues, raincloud greys.
    Orchids, candles, pinewood chairs.
    Lovely Italian waiters, brylcreemed and clad in white.
    From the moment you take your seat, you feel soothed. LIV is a soothing restaurant. It's as comforting as a long hot soak in the bath, with luscious food that envelops you like a fluffy towel. And while ‘soothing' was always a good thing for a restaurant to be, right now it's appreciated all the more.
    Words: Chris Zacharia
    Antonino, our waiter, is excited. ‘I'm from Napoli' he says, with classic regional pride, ‘and the pasta here is amazing. Really, really good. And we...
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