• If You Have A Good Sex Life Your Partner Is More Likely To Cheat

    One year ago - By Look

    Sorry, what? From the editors of Marie Claire UK
    Ah, cheating sucks. Doesn't it?
    A lot of research has been done into why people cheat. Does your partner's name make them more likely to cheat? Do they stray because there's actually a most popular day of the year for cheating? Is there really any excuse good enough to warrant it, anyway?
    Then there's the matter of what actually is the worst form of cheating? Is emotional cheating worse than sleeping with someone else? And does flirting count as cheating?
    Well, new research into why one partner cheats on another has just come to light. And...
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  • Marie Claire UK

    Marie Claire UK

    One year ago - By Models

    Kaya Scodelario for Marie Claire UK
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