• With Carrie and Samantha's spat, we finally get to watch the real Sex and the City 3

    One year ago - By The Guardian

    What if you want to be all feminist-y, yet Sarah Jessica Parker v Kim Cattrall is the only news story you care about? Meanwhile, uptown, Carrie, Charlotte and Miranda met in the coffee shop to discuss Samantha's latest post on Instagram. The girls all stared at Carrie's phone, stunned. What dialogue could possibly convey the gravity of the moment? “I think my Instagram has just become InstaSCRAM,” Carrie gasped, shifting around in her Oscar de la Renta ballgown and tucking her blowdried hair behind her Chanel couture turban, which is how all journalists dress when they go out for coffee.
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  • Insider Says Sarah Jessica Parker ‘Privately' Contacted Kim Cattrall After Brother's Death

    One year ago - By OK!

    An insider is defending Sarah Jessica Parker amid Kim Cattrall 's explosive accusations against her former Sex and the City co-star. In the wake of her brother's death, Kim has accused Sarah of exploiting the tragedy , bashing her for commenting on it on both Instagram and the red carpet. But a source close to Sarah claims her intentions are not self-serving - and that the actress even reached out to her former friend privately to extend her condolences.
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  • Sarah Jessica Parker Remembers 'Sobbing' After Filmmakers Tried to Pressure Her Into a Nude Scene

    One year ago - By Glamour

    "Sex and the City" star Sarah Jessica Parker recalled an incident early in her career when she felt pressure to take her clothes off for a nude scene.
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