• Sania Khan and Sadia Manzoor are examples of how the justice system fails women

    13 days ago - By Fiasco Plus

    The date of December 7, 2021 has been permanently engraved in Shazia Khan's memory. Her son-in-law Raheel Ahmad attempted suicide by jumping from the 28th floor window of the apartment in which he lived with her daughter, Sania Khan.
    The two women were able to prevent Raheel's six-foot frame from falling out of the window, but Raheel's mother was injured in the process.
    Raheel made A second attempt to kill Sania and himself on July 18, 2022. It was this time that he was successful.
    As of the time of Sania's death, she lived in a different state than Raheel and was separated from him. After...
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